Facebook likes to play mind games.

I would normally concede that major sites/networking tools have it mostly together.
Sure, they have maintenance. You have to wait for that agonizing hour while YouTube does performance checks on its servers.
Facebook can’t load someone’s profile. You get the picture.

Enter last night at about midnight.
I sign on to Facebook and see that a fellow classmate returned my request to be friends.
I smiled, thinking nothing of it since it was the sort of thing that happens on a daily basis.
Switch to campus email.
Lo and behold, the notorious notification from Facebook that tells me that “So-and-So is now your friend”.
Like most Facebook notifications, I open it to check if someone added a message or something. That way, if they did write something, I don’t have to navigate to that exact spot on my wall to find out what they said.
I didn’t have a message. No, I didn’t have anything at all.
At least that I could read.

...What? Facebook, you're stupid.

Now, I would accept this sort of thing from Myspace but Facebook, you make me sad.

I’m still reeling from the sheer stupidity of Facebook.
The guy who accepted my friend request is from Taiwan. That’s awesome. I love people from all over the world.
However, I can’t speak their languages, nor do I want to be using inaccurate Babelfish every time I friend someone from overseas.
Facebook, this is a serious fail. I thought that with all your resources, you’d be able to see that my country is United States and that maybe, just maybe, I don’t happen to speak many languages outside of English, much like the rest of my linguistically inept brethren.
*shakes head*
Very disappointed.

Fail-O-Meter Rating: 8/10


~ by Zechariah on February 24, 2009.

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